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Amazing Race-Two Lives One Cause

 Saturday Aug 25 2012, 8:30am-5pm
Location:Michael J. Brennan Catholic Elementary School (Start of the race)
Address:690 Lake St.
Phone:905 321 3773
*In brief: A community Amazing Race planned in lieu of a stag and doe. The purpose is to raise money to send the young couple to Kenya in order to work with/provide much needed supplies to impoverished children at Pehucci Children's Centre.

*More detail:
This amazing event will be occurring in the Niagara Region on August 25th of this year. This event is unlike any other because it takes what is often used as a chance to make a profit for oneself, and uses it to inspire the community and make a lasting difference in the lives of destitute children in Kenya.

My brother-in law Dayton and his fiancé Lauren are engaged to be married on December 29, 2012. When considering the various facets of the planning process the idea of a Stag and Doe came up. Although Dayton and Lauren are just starting out on their own (Dayton is still in school and Lauren is on a 1 yr contract position), and could definitely use the money that a stag and doe could raise, their generous hearts had a different idea.

Both Dayton and Lauren had the opportunity to travel to Kenya last year on separate trips. Both went to Pehucci Children's Centre, an orphanage and school just outside Nairobi, and poured their hearts into helping the children that live there (Dayton helped build a boy's dorm while Lauren delivered much needed supplies and helped teach). They were both impacted greatly by the experiences they had at Pehucci, and both left Kenya knowing that their work there was not done.

Dayton and Lauren brainstormed over their "stag and doe" and quickly decided that instead of raising money for a big TV or new couches, they wanted to raise money so that they could go back to Pehucci together, and pour more effort and funds into the needs that are rampant in that place. The idea of hosting an Amazing Race to raise the necessary funds quickly took off. Since then Dayton and Lauren have worked tirelessly to create an event of utmost excellence in hopes that they can not only raise the money needed to get them to Africa, but provide additional funds that will enable them to bring much needed hygiene items, shoes, clothes, books, and other school supplies to the impoverished children of Pehucci.

Dayton and Lauren are a unique couple with huge hearts that desire to put their own wants aside in order to help others who are in great need. By publicizing this event in your newspaper I would hope that the larger Niagara Community would be encouraged and inspired by the story of this young couple (only 20 yrs old!) who call this area home. I also hope that the publicity would lead to more donations and sponsorships which could drastically increase how much Dayton and Lauren can bless the children of Pehucci.

Please consider publicizing this event in order to shine a light on something wonderful in our community!

More information on this event can be found at :

Catharine Kruitbosch
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