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From the Blood Donor Clinic Cori helps Nancy with her 100th donation
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Giving the Gift of Life

Nancy made her 100th donation of blood on December 1st at the Blood Donor clinic on Ontario Street. Nancy has been donating this precious gift since she was about 20. She said that it is important to help because one blood donation can help three people. “It takes an hour of my time every 56 days and it’s very important to me.” In recognition of Nancy’s generous donations over the years, the Canadian Blood Services provided a delicious Black Forest cake. Blood is used to replace blood loss due to trauma, during surgery and other conditions such as anemia, hemophilia, sickle-cell disease, cancer and much, much more. For more information on how you can save a life, please call 1-888-236-6283.

Photos by Beverley J Knight

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